Tennis Court Cleaning Services

Gippsland Bass Coast Victoria


Facebook_like_usWelcome to Moby Wash tennis and hard court sports cleaning services including netball & basketball hard court surfaces, we are located in Gippsland & Bass Coast region, servicing all areas and instituitions keeping your sports court well maintained free of any mould and debree that can affect the playing surface.

Tennis Court Mould Removal

Mould on a tennis court can be very dangerous as if your chasing a ball at the back end of the court where the surfaces seldom gets used as mould in these areas is often the most dangerous area`s when wet causing players to slip allowing a higher chance of badly injuring themselves, to avoid thes issues on your sports courts Moby Wash can clean your tennis courts, netball, basketball courts and cricket pitches annually or periodic periods.

Also Note allowing mould to grow on your hard surface can damage the playing surface causing the surface to crack and breakdown, regular cleaning will prevent these issues happening as we kill all mould/algai growing in the playing surfaces helping your investment last longer.


Tennis Clubs, Council Courts, Clubs, Motels, Resorts and privately owned courts, we offer free appraisals